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1968 LEVIN LT-18 GOLIATH Acoustic Guitar - Pre-owned

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SKU 491072

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This pre-owned guitar comes with:

✔ New Strings
✔ Professional Setup
✔ Hard Case

Condition: Excellent

A rare guitar in original condition. 

Lovely action, plays like a dream. 

Herman Carlson was born in Åsaka, Sweden on September 25, 1864. After a completed
woodwork education he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker in Göteborg. During that
time he also attended evening classes at the local woodwork association school where
he after 2 ½ years of hard work excelled in his examination to become a journeyman.
At that time it was customary to take on a new surname after a completed
journeyman education, and Herman choose Levin to be added to his name.