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Covid-19 Update: We're back! OPEN 10-4, still shipping worldwide and locally. Stay Safe. | Free Delivery on all orders over £99!
Covid-19 Update: Store is now OPEN!

Guitar Setups & Repairs

From Setups to Pickup swaps we can take care of your guitar. 

Some of our most popular services: 

String 'n Clean - £10+ Strings
Our most popular service, this includes a full clean & re-string of your guitar. 
Keeping the neck clean and hydrated not only looks great, but helps keep your strings fresh for longer and much more... 

Basic Setup - from £30
Includes setting the bridge, intonation and truss rod. 
If your action isn't where you want it, this can be the best thing for you and your guitar. 

Pro Setup - from £50
Includes, nut, bridge & neck adjustments, pickup set, electronics service.

Fret Work - POA

Wiring & Electronic Upgrades - £POA
Want to upgrade your pickups, pots, jacks or switches? Or do you currently have an electrical issue? 
We get at least half a dozen of these a week. You're not alone! 

Call our shop 01492 588279 or leave us a message via email or social media.