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Guitar Setups & Repairs

To book a setup in online please - click here

Some of our most popular services: 

String 'n Clean - £10+ Strings
Our most popular service, this includes a full clean & re-string of your guitar. 
Keeping the neck clean and hydrated not only looks great, but helps keep your strings fresh for longer and much more... 

Basic Acoustic/Electric Guitar Setup - from £35 
Includes setting the bridge, intonation and truss rod. 
If your action isn't where you want it, this can be the best thing for you and your guitar. 

(Same day service available please ask or contact us for more info).

Pro Setup - from £50
Includes, nut, bridge & neck adjustments, pickup set, electronics service.

Electronics Service - from £15
Got a loose jack or a scratchy pot? We can usually sort that out without replacing parts.

Fret Work

Wiring & Electronic Upgrades - £POA
Want to upgrade your pickups, pots, jacks or switches? Or do you currently have an electrical issue? 
We get at least half a dozen of these a week. You're not alone! 

Call our shop 01492 588279 or leave us a message via email or social media.