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Supro Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal 1304

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Supro Fuzz combines the ruthless sustain of a silver box Big Muff with the harmonic signature of a Tone Bender MkII and the unrivaled touch dynamics of a germanium Fuzz Face. The Supro Fuzz takes this “best-of-all-worlds” approach to old school fuzz using an N.O.S. Germanium transistor in the first stage, followed by secondary, silicon-based gain and a dash of our special sauce to create a low-noise, high-gain fuzz box with 2-band EQ that will leave you deaf and breathless. Taking the fuzz pedal one step further, the Supro Fuzz offers a TRS port for expression pedal control of the TREBLE knob.

• “Best-of-all-worlds” original fuzz design
• NOS UK-made Germanium transistor front end
• 2-band Treble / Bass EQ controls
• Expression pedal control for TREBLE
• Accepts standard 2.1mm neg. tip power supply
• Runs on 9V battery (included)
• Current Draw below 20mA
• Original circuit design by Thomas Elliott